Regular Updates.

Sunday 26th October 2014 - Hi there! After a couple of months "leave" I am back "on duty" and look forward to meeting with my regular clients and "newbies" alike. Cheers - GEM

Friday 31st October 2014 - Greetings! Happy Halloween. For those of you braving the cold and the damp to go out "trick or treating," this evening - have fun. I have uploaded some new photos to the Gallery page this morning. Have a great weekend - GEM

Friday 7th November 2014 - Hey there! I've just added some NEW PHOTOS to the GALLERY. Entitled, "Blue For You," I hope you like them. It has been a splendid week and it has been really nice to see those of my regular clients who have been to see me. Thanks for checking out my website. Always a pleasure, never a chore - Laters - GEM

Monday 10th November 2014 - Welcome to a new week. Thanks for the warm welcome back I've received from many of you. I'm feeling fit and well and looking forward to Xmas. Yes, it really is just around the corner and I shall be on the lookout for some nice, new festive frocks to grace the gallery page for your delictation. Well, onwards and upwards chaps - See you soon - GEM

Thursday 13th November 2014 - Greetings funlovers! I've just added a NEW PAGE to my website. Entitled, "Laugh Out Loud," it contains a selection of my favourite jokes to lift your mood. I will continue to add to it on a weekly basis. Enjoy! - GEM

Sunday 16th November 2014 - Hey there! Hope you had a good weekend. Another NEW PAGE has been added to my website this evening. It's called "The Clubhouse" and it will contain a selection of stories about sport. I've started you off with a golfing story and I hope that those of you who enjoy that avenue of pleasure will appreciate it. Footballing and cricket stories too will be included on the page in the coming weeks. Cheers - GEM

Monday 17th November 2014 - Top of the morning to you. "Question Time" page is now restored. Laters - GEM

Thursday 20th November 2014 - Hey there! Well, I've almost finished re - building my website. "The Men's Room" page is now restored and it will contain a series of articles relating to health and fitness issues. Still to come, "Quote of the Day" page and my BLOG. It's all go! - Catch you soon - GEM

Friday 21st November 2014 - Greetings! For those of you who are unable to make a midweek appointment and have expressed an interest in seeing me at the weekend, I will now be available Saturdays and Sundays. Have a great weekend - Cheers - GEM

Monday 24th November 2014 - Hey there. Welcome to a new week. To kick it off, I've restored my BLOG page and added a couple of blogs I wrote earlier in the year. I will get round to writing another in a week or so but they do take time. Anyhow. Last week was smashing and I have enjoyed seeing exisiting and new clients alike. It's good to be back. All the best - GEM

Thursday 27th November 2014 - Hey there! - I am now updating my Availability page on a daily basis. Cheers - GEM.

Friday 5th December 2014 - Hi Guys! I have just updated the "Laugh Out Loud" page with new jokes. Cheers - GEM

Tuesday 9th December 2014 - Hey there chaps. I am unavailable for appointments this week. Check out my "Availability" page for details of my forthcoming availability in December(from next week onwards) Cheers - GEM

Sunday 14th December 2014 - Greetings. I will be taking appointments from 9am on Thursday 18th December and I look forward to hearing from you then. - All the Best - GEM.

Friday 19th December 2014 - Merry Xmas one and all. I am now back from holiday and available daily until Xmas Eve. New photos coming in a day or so. I look forward to seeing you. Cheers - GEM.